At Chasing Camilla, our mission goes beyond just fashion – it's about embracing culture and empowering women through unique handmade pieces. Our journey takes us to our querido Mexico, where we source the cutest fashion items to bring you both tradition and modernism. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to one of our remarkable artisans who plays a pivotal role in bringing our beloved Oaxaca sets to life – meet Alma.

While our travels might seem like carefree adventures (and trust us, we do have a blast), there's a lot more to it. Every step we take, every connection we make, and every piece we bring to you is infused with our heart, soul, time, and yes, even our hard-earned money. We've learned from our mistakes, faced challenges head-on, and grown stronger as a result.

Navigating the world of artisanal reselling has its share of ups and downs. We've encountered a few bumps along the road, where some artisans didn't fulfill their promises. There were instances when we invested in an order, sent money for production and shipping, only to have our efforts met with silence. It's disheartening to experience hardworking money and precious time going to waste, but these experiences have shaped us, teaching us the importance of trust and diligence.

In the midst of these challenges, we're incredibly grateful for artisans like Alma who restore our faith in the power of collaboration. Alma stands as a shining example of dedication and hard work. A young mother with a fierce spirit, we've witnessed her unwavering hustle each time we step foot in Oaxaca. And guess what? She continues to work with us to ensure that our Oaxaca sets are inclusive to all. Alma is the reason why we can now bring you this set in plus size, making sure that every woman can embrace her culture while feeling comfortable and confident.

Oaxaca holds a special place in our hearts. It's a place of beauty, tradition, and yes, even those tough lessons that have shaped our journey. We embrace it all – the colors, the flavors, the warmth, and even the challenges.



Before we sign off, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to you, our amazing supporters. Every purchase you make at Chasing Camilla goes beyond owning a beautiful piece. It's a contribution to artisans like Alma, who are on a journey to expand their businesses. Your support is a testament to the power of community and the shared love for embracing culture through fashion.

So here's to Alma, to Oaxaca, to embracing every aspect of our journey, and to you – our cherished community. From the heart of Chasing Camilla, muchas gracias.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight our incredible artisans, one story at a time. Your journey with us is just beginning.

Con mucho amor,

Melissa Rojas

Founder of Chasing Camilla