Hola Chasing Camilla Comadres,

I'm Melissa, the founder of Chasing Camilla, and today, I'm overflowing with gratitude as I introduce you to someone incredibly special in the Chasing Camilla family - my tia, my Madrina, and the magic behind many of our beloved pieces.

When I started this journey in December of 2017, life had thrown me a curveball. Freshly separated and finding my footing in Texas, I knew I needed something to lift me up and empower me. That's when the idea of the Zarape Santa Hat was born, a symbol of joy and resilience during tough times. Little did I know, this spark of inspiration would lead me to collaborate with so many extraordinary women who would help bring my vision to life.

Back then, my Madrina, Alicia Trevino, and I joined forces to create the first prototype of the Zarape Santa Hat. It was a labor of love, a testament to the strength that women carry within themselves. From that moment, our collaboration grew, and my Tia's skilled hands became the driving force behind the crafting of our beloved cropped guayabera, other cropped tees, and so much more.

What started as a personal journey of empowerment has now evolved into a brand that resonates with many. The love and craft poured into each piece reflect not just my story but the stories of the incredible women who bring Chasing Camilla to life.

Now, as our products grace the shelves of numerous stores and our seasonal items bring joy to homes worldwide, I am filled with awe and gratitude. It's a testament to the dreams we dare to chase, the hurdles we overcome, and the love we infuse into every stitch.

When you purchase from Chasing Camilla, you're not just acquiring a piece of clothing; you're supporting a legacy of women who pour their passion into their craft. You're contributing to dreams taking flight, to resilience in the face of challenges, and to the empowerment of women who continue to inspire me every day.

So here's to my madrina, the woman behind the magic, to the women who shape Chasing Camilla, and to each one of you who makes our journey so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for being part of our comadrehood and for sharing in the empowerment and joy that defines Chasing Camilla.

Con cariño,


November 13, 2023 — Melissa Rojas