"Mejor Sola" Tee


Primary color

Mejor Sola Que Mal Acompañada

Material: 100% cotton

Care: please wash inside out.

Details: Fit is the same as my Fuerte tees. Story time! Mejor Sola tee came about 3 years ago. Where I set out on this journey to “find myself”. Cliche, yes I know! But it’s the truth. I started living a life where I asked myself the most important question. “What do I want?” . . During this time, I got asked a lot about who am I dating? I felt people kind of wondered why I hadn’t moved on since my last marriage.... kind a like feeling sorry for me. Like ”you’ll find someone, you still have time”. Well , I didn’t realize I was on a time crunch. But the reality was I have moved on in my own way. It doesn’t have to fit into society’s ways. It just has to fit in with what I want. Now I’m not saying it will never happen! It will just happen when it’s supposed to! Right now I’m living the life I envisioned and the life that makes me happy ❤️